Current Employees

Why We Rock

Our goal at Block by Block is to create a place where you’d be excited to refer a friend to work!

Even though there may be many miles between our headquarters in Louisville and where you work, we feel it’s important to provide ways for you to stay connected to fellow Ambassadors across the country. You’re part of the many great things going on in our company! Additionally, we want to create unique perks, which make working at Block by Block feel different than other places. To put it simply, culture is really important to us!

We firmly believe that you selected us as an employer, as much as we selected you to be part of the team. For this, we are extremely grateful.

We’ve worked hard over the last few years to create several ways to connect and share with every Ambassador. This allows everyone to stay plugged in, and provides us with platforms to share our appreciation for you. Highlighted below are some of the different opportunities, benefits and activities you can look forward to as an employee of Block by Block.

Our Culture Club

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